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Martyne Kupciunas
With over 25 years of varied design experience in 7 countries (Asia, Europe, North America) Martyne Kupciunas formally started The Design Garden (TDG) in early 2008. The concept is simple – a small, skilled, experienced team devoted to bringing the best design solutions to all aspects of a client’s project.

Interior design and space planning have been the primary focus of TDG but our clients requirements have taken us, on occasion, into the realm of illustration, graphic and web design.

We present this short portfolio of our work for your consideration. It could be longer but we feel you’ll know relatively
quickly if our work resonates with you and if we are the worth the interview.

On our Home Page and Press page you will see that Martyne’s and The Design
Garden’s work have featured regularly in both print and broadcast media. We
have never solicited for publicity. In each case our clients chose to champion for
us (and themselves) or the media approached us directly. We believe this volume
of unsolicited “published” work reflects the high design standards we set for ourselves,
our product’s broad visual appeal and the satisfaction of our clients.

We listen very hard, we stay flexible and we deliver on time and on budget.

Come into our Design Garden and let us grow some
design ideas for you.
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